Eliminate threats, build tomorrow

With the numerous and positive transformational business benefits of ICT, do come security risks.

From viruses to denial of service attacks businesses are at risk from an ignorant file deletion to sophisticated hacking. Business downtimes, loss of proprietary information, law suits, loss of customer data and corporate trust are a few potential impacts that an improper ICT security strategy can invite.

Though a “guaranteed & complete” security still remains a wish, a carefully designed security policy combined with security solutions can prevent and recover from security threats and help business leverage the power of ICT with integrity, confidentiality and authentically.

We focus on risk mitigation and management so that you can concentrate on running your organization and taking care of your customers.

Security Solutions

Application and Web Application Firewalling

Patch management

Data Encryption

Next Generation endpoint protection

Public Key Infrastructure & TLS

Digital Forensics

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Log Repository

Multifactor Authentication

Network Admission Control, Identity Services

Network Behavior Analysis/ Correlation

Next Generation Gateway Firewalling

Server Platform, Service Deep Protection

Threat hunting and breach detection

User gateway and end-end internet – Secure web gateway

Security Solutions

Data Center Security

Securing the data center has never been more important. Driven by business demands, data centers are built and adapted to the prevailing software, hybrid architecture, and DevOps methodologies. As the architecture of the data center, as well as the applications running in it, are inherently distributed, cloud-ready – data center becomes more complex and dynamic, growing in scale to match the business requirements and relying heavily on diverse and relatively new hybrid, cloud and virtualization technologies, the task of securing it is becoming even more difficult. New age data centers need more than traditional tools and practices to protect and defend.

With our end to end security solutions emphasizing  Visibility, Segmentation, Threat Protection, and Risk mitigation we ensure that you can concentrate on running your organization better and taking care of your customers.

Network Perimeter Security

As we experience approaches of Modern businesses, the defensible boundary between a company’s internal assets and the outside world is blurring, individually protecting each business application, service, or asset can be quite challenging. From across – Data is collected, collated, and interpreted on a massive scale, and it’s security is dependent on the protections that surrounds it.

Our Enterprise perimeter solutions helps you effectively safeguard your critical assets  from threats and improve your overall security posture.

Branch Security

Defending branches and remote networks are critical. We understand that branch offices and remote networks require the same rock-solid security and reliable performance as the enterprise networks do. Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Cloud Security

Like any computing environment, cloud security involves maintaining adequate preventative protections.
With the increasing adaption of cloud based applications and services by organizations for agility and less overhead do come challenges.
Cloud environments including private clouds, public clouds (hybrid or dedicated), and software as a service (SaaS) applications, each bringing its own unique agility benefits and security issues. in most cases, Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud vendor and the organization.

As companies transition from private to public cloud, or to SaaS applications, the responsibility for securing data, apps and infrastructure falls less in the hands of the enterprise and more into the hands of the vendor. However, regardless of the platform used, the enterprise will always be responsible for ensuring the security of its own data.

In the case of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Even though the cloud provider’s infrastructure is secured by the cloud provider, organizations are required to implement security controls protecting the applications and data they put into that cloud infrastructure. This must meet or exceed their on-premises security postures.
With out Intelligent solutions protect what you run in the cloud with an uniform, cloud-friendly solution.

Enterprise Endpoint Security

Beyond Traditional Endpoint Security
Endpoints are the most valuable source of information for cyberattacks. And they are notorious for having major weak points,  known to be under protected, and constantly linked to error-prone humans.

Although a hacker’s end-goal is to obtain more lucrative information, they know that this information is very controlled in well-defended servers; therefore, hackers always prey on the least secure devices, i.e. endpoints, and then escalate their privileges to access company servers.
Due to the increased opportunity for financial gain, cyber criminals invest significant time and resources into creating advanced attacks to target enterprises.

Whether you’re a big, small, or medium-sized business our endpoint security solutions keeps businesses one step ahead of attacks today, and defends them against new variants that may appear in the future.

Our solutions  also include
– Antivirus, Antimalware protection
– Ransomware protection
– Device Control
– Application whitelisting
– Host-based intrusion detection/ prevention
– Patch Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Implementing a comprehensive and innovative governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program enables organizations to address the multiple factors that are essential in managing and controlling enterprise risk.

Corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance remain the most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement, and maintain. Few businesses have the internal resources and visibility required to formulate clear governance, risk, and compliance policies and processes. Our solutions can help businesses determine  risk appetite, based on organization’s governance model. We make sure you keep documentary evidence of your compliance with internal policies and processes, as well as with external regulations.