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Construction and Engineering

Insurance Brokerage



eVitalyst for Construction and Engineering

Construction ERP software is a collection of programs, processes, and information that serves all the essential job functions of general accounting software, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger, with the addition of modules for construction-specific functions.

Modules in the

Construction and Engineering

Finance Management

Project Management

Procurement Management

Material Management

HR & Payroll Management

Business Intelligence

eVitalyst for Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker system is built to manage key operations of the insurance business. This includes issuing cover notes and policies, handling customer profiles, defining agent commissions and digitizing documents easily.

Modules in the

Insurance Management




HR & Payroll


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• Built-in best Practices
• Improve Decision Making
• Real-time insight
• Data Security and Auditing
• Increase Financial Staff Productivity
• Increase Agility
• Reduce Operational Cost
• Personalization

Salient Features of eViltalyst

Multiple Organizations within the Enterprise

eVitalyst can have multiple branch offices and companies in one single installation, making it critical

Multiple Languages across the Enterprise and its Customers

All user and customer-facing information can be presented in multiple languages. This, along with Multiple Organizations, makes eVitalyst especially attractive for companies with branches in areas of different languages.

Multiple Accounting Formats

The accounting data can be managed and presented with multiple accounting schemas making the eVitalyst application especially suited to the multi-national environment.

Multiple Operating Systems

Having been developed in Java, the application is able to run on most operating systems.

Complex Workflows

eVitalyst provides workflows from simple documents, to multi-level approval and automated processing that can be fully customized to any business process.

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