Powering up security with AI

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The traditional ways of protecting IT assets are no longer effective in today’s increasingly complex threat environment. The Zero Trust Security Model trusts nothing and no one by default—including users inside the network perimeter. Every user, device, and network is assumed to be hostile.

Blackberry solution enables a Zero Trust Security environment focused on earning trust across any endpoint, including desktop, mobile, server, and IoT. It continuously validates that trust at every event or transaction, authenticating users to deliver a Zero Touch experience that improves security with no user interruption.

Join us on Feb 23, 2022, @ 11:00 AM, for our Blackberry Zero Trust Framework webinar to learn more on:

• Blackberry XDR

• Blackberry Gateway, Persona, MTD

• Blackberry UEM for Enterprise


– Teksalah Customer Success

– Show the value of BlackBerry vision

– We are on the way to XDR

– New products added (Gateway, persona, MTD)

– Live Demo

– Blackberry UEM for Enterprise

– Quiz

– Q and A and Close

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