Sheild Your Enterprise Email Threat Landscape

With Mimecast Next-Gen Email Cloud Services For Security & Archival.


The email threat landscape has become more threatening with time. Organizations need to adopt a stronger, pervasive discipline to protect from advance email threats- that is ever-evolving in nature.

From known spam, viruses, malware protection to advance unknown adversaries and targeted protection for Data, Employees, and Web on one Integrated Cloud Platform, a robust platform that can deliver a secure email environment protecting comprehensively. Mimecast provides integrated email security cloud service to respond to and to protect from security challenges. Mimecast uses pervasive discipline across three distinct zones protecting the IT landscape from three different viewpoints – At your email perimeter, inside your network & organizations, and beyond your perimeter.

Combined with Mimecast Teksalah’s Cyber resilience solutions provides email cloud services for security, archiving, and continuity. Protect your email system without compromise!

Make Your Organization More Resilient With Mimecast Comprehensive Platform.

Keep Email Safe

An Advanced Email Security Solution To Eliminate Phishing Ransomware And Impersonation Attacks

Train Your Employees

A Platform To Reduce Security Risks Due To Human Error

Detect Threats

A Threat Detection Tool To Respond To Cyber Attacks Confidently

Protect Your Web

A Protection Against Malicious Activity Initiated By The User Action Or Malware

Protect Your Data

A Simplifier Of Complexities Of Storing & Restoring Data For Resiliency And Compliance

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