Privileged Identity and Access Management (PIAM)

Securing privileged access and accounts by granting validated just-in-time access to corporate networks, data and services.


Privileged identity and access management (PIAM)  is a security solution that helps organizations protect their critical resources from unauthorized access. PIAM strategies and practices include strong authentication and authorization controls, monitoring, auditing, and education.

Privileged identity and access management (PIAM), sometimes referred to as privileged access management, privileged account management, is the process of assigning, monitoring, and securing administrative-level access to critical business systems and applications. It also encompasses monitoring the activities carried out by privileged users once logged into those systems.

PIAM solutions help IT and security admins monitor and secure privileged access by enabling them to grant “just-in-time” access to high-tier systems. That means that users are only granted elevated permissions for as long as they need them to do their job. Once signed out of the high-tier system, the permissions are revoked. These permissions can also be restricted to conditions like – time, location, login device, behavior, etc; a user will have access for a set length of time before having to seek renewed permission. This protects critical business systems against unauthorized access and encourages better governance in line with data protection regulations.


Privileged account and session management (PASM): Vaulting of privileged account credentials, and session management for privileged users

Privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM): Host-based agents that provide command; filtering and privilege elevation for users on macOS, UNIX/Linux and Windows.

Secrets management: Specialized vault focused on managing credentials for software and workloads.

Cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM): Management of entitlements used in cloud service provider (CSP) infrastructure.

Key Features

Enterprise Credential Vault
Secure Remote Access
Industrial Control Systems Security
Cloud & Virtualization Security
Privileged elevation and delegation management
Zero trust controls
Privileged session monitoring
Privileged user behaviour analytics
Context-aware event correlation
Audit and compliance
Comprehensive reporting
Business workflow automation
Ticketing system integration
SSK Key management
DevOps Security
Application credential security

Use Cases

Reduce risk by increasing control and visibility of privileged Access.

Address IT Security Audit Requirements for Privileged Accounts

Meet Cyber Insurance Requirements for Privileged Accounts

Secure Vendor and Third-Party Access

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