Cloud Data Management for Digital Enterprises

One software platform. Backup and recovery, DR, archival, and more. Built for hybrid cloud.


As enterprises drive digital transformation initiatives and embrace cloud, they require a new approach to data management to address increasingly complex requirements. Rubrik Cloud Data Management delivers a software platform for these hybrid cloud enterprises to simplify backup and recovery, accelerate cloud adoption, deliver automation at scale, and defend against Ransomware. As enterprises operate on-premises and in the cloud, implementing governance, meeting compliance, and warding off cyber attacks also become more challenging. Rubrik’s Polaris SaaS platform helps enterprises organize all their business information by indexing all metadata to deliver a unified system of record.

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Rubrik consolidates disparate hardware and software components into a single software. Enterprise can deploy Rubrik on-premises via plug-and-play appliances, software on third-party hardware, or software in the cloud.


We adopt the same web-scale technologies used by Google, Facebook, and Amazon, allowing our users to easily handle rapidly increasing volumes of information with a linear architecture. With Rubrik, enterprises can eliminate forklift upgrades and easily manage Rubrik as a single system.


Rubrik wipes out management complexity with just a few clicks. We solve for ease of use by infusing consumer-grade usability into enterprise software.

Use Cases

Backup And Instant Recovery

Rubrik introduces a radically simple backup solution that delivers near-zero RTOs without manual storage provisioning. Rubrik eliminates job scheduling with policy- driven automation, on-prem and in the cloud. To deliver faster recoveries, users can easily search for applications and files with predictive search.

Replication And DR

Rubrik provides asynchronous, deduplicated replication for site-to-site recovery. With one policy engine, setup backup, replication, and archival schedules, on-site or in the cloud. Deliver cloud-to-cloud replication as well as bi-directional replication from cloud to an on-premises Rubrik cluster.

Data Archival And Compliance

Rubrik offers easy-to-manage data archival across all major public and private cloud providers. Users can automate long-term data retention by moving a slider in the same policy engine as their backup and replication schedules. Automate SLA compliance reporting to get notified on capacity utilization and growth.

Remote And Branch Offices

Rubrik can be used to accelerate application test and development by providing multiple copies to developers without a storage penalty. With Rubrik, users can automate test, iterate, and tear down workflows for virtualized, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle environments.

Test And Development

Rubrik Edge is a software appliance that extends data protection and management to remote and branch offices. Rubrik users can deploy Edge at remote locations to backup locally, replicate to a central data center, and archive to the cloud with an easy-to-use interface.

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Fast Ransomware Recovery

Rubrik makes it possible to recover from Ransomware quickly by reverting to any point-in-time snapshot. All applications and data are stored in an immutable format, preventing Ransomware from accessing and encrypting underlying backups. With Radar, a Polaris SaaS application, enterprises use ML-driven insights to detect suspicious behavior, identify changes, and restore data in a click.

Self-Service Automation

Rubrik is built on an API-first platform to integrate seamlessly with third party solutions to achieve IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). Users can plug into configuration management tools (i.e. Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, Ansible) to simplify deployments across hundreds of servers or VMs. Rubrik also integrates with service catalogs (i.e. ServiceNow, vRealize Automation, and vCloud Director) to automate manual processes and deliver self-service access and recovery.


Rubrik allows enterprises to utilize public cloud (i.e. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) or private cloud object storage for all aspects of data management – backup, replication and DR, archival, and analytics. Rubrik ensures secure data archival, encrypting all data in-transit and at-rest. Protect and manage cloud-native applications (i.e. Microsoft Office 365, AWS EC2 instances, NoSQL databases). Seamless convert VMs into cloud instances to launch on cloud for cost-effective disaster recovery and test?development.

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