Teksalah works towards creating value.

Teksalah works towards creating value for our partners – clients, vendors and team – in every engagement. Every team member at Teksalah considers each project a chance to build a long-standing relationship with our clients.

The name TEKSALAH is derived from two words – TEK and SALAH. ‘TEK’ stands for technology and ‘SALAH’ in Arabic means prayer, which signifies the ‘work is worship’ ethic we adhere to and symbolizes the trust that we seek to build in our dealings and relations. Also, the word SALAH in Urdu means advice, which truly represents what we are – ‘technology advisors’.

We have always engaged only in business with ethics in its true sense, dealing only through the right channels and distribution systems. With a vision to be the most trusted ICT partner, our leaders have taken Teksalah a long way forward, nurturing it to become one of the most respected system-integrators in the region and very much valued for our service capabilities.
As part of our CSR initiative, Teksalah upholds a non-smoking and non-alcohol lifestyle policy, that is strictly adhered to by all our team members and we make use of every single opportunity we have to educate everyone we interact with on this policy.


Enabling business success through tech and transformation


A uniform experience for employees to work from anywhere.


Overcome security threats to help business leverage ICT.

Licensing & Compliance

Analyze gaps and recommend optimal licensing methodology.

Business Continuity

Meet objectives in-terms of RTO and RPO.


Enable teams to interact in real-time over multiple communication mediums.


Reduce spending and consolidate ICT infrastructures.

Service Lifecycle Management

Service driven compliance to ITIL framework that adds value to customers.


Development of academics by creating a learning environment beyond walls.

Software Solutions

A one-stop shop experience from IT infrastructure to unified communication.

Interactive Smartboards

Revolutionizing the concept of discussions with our interactive smart boards.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Services

Empower customers to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Face any business contingency whatsoever whilst ensuring business process continuity.

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